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You veer left. Unfortunately, so did an oncoming car in the opposite lane. The driver crashes right into you, potentially totaling your vehicle and causing you bodily harm.
Now the other driver's insurance company will pay only a fraction of the damages for your automobile accident in Malden, MA. Visit the legal team at the Law Offices of Burton Hass and learn how we can represent you in your car accident case.
Auto Accident Attorneys at Law, Law Offices of Burton J. Hass, Malden, MA
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Our office will handle the ins and outs of your automobile accident case. We'll get copies of your medical records, evaluate the seriousness of your injuries, handle all of your insurance forms, and negotiate with both your insurance company and the other party involved.
We have experience representing many different kinds of car accident cases, including:
  • Pedestrian collisions. If you get hit while crossing the street, our lawyers can determine how much of the fault lies with the other party.
  • Bicycle collisions. If a car hits you while you're cycling, our legal team will figure out whether the other party was negligent.
  • Car and motorcycle collisions. Using the police report, we can determine who was at fault for the accident and, therefore, how much you should ask for in damages.
If you've been in an automobile accident of any kind, your vehicle has likely been damaged. You may have experienced personal injury. Despite having insurance, the other party may not pay all of the damages owed to you. Obtain legal counsel from us, and we'll start negotiating your settlement immediately.
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Since 1983, the Law Offices of Burton Hass have helped car accident victims receive the settlements they deserve. Contact our legal team today to schedule your free initial consultation. We don't take any payments unless we successful settle or win your automobile accident case in Melrose, MA.
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